tcs-ms represents GTW

26.7.13 tcs-ms and GTW GmbH from Alpen Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents WELTER zahnrad

15.7.13 tcs-ms and WELTER zahnrad GmbH from Lahr/Schwarzwald-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents CAVEX GmbH

15.7.13 tcs-ms and CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG from Ofterdingen-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.   

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about tcs-ms

tcs-ms was started spring 2013 by Mark de Nijs. After obtaining his master degree in mechanicaal engineering. Mark has been working over 25 years in the manufacturing - and service industry of high-end capital goods. During that time Mark has build-up a wide experience in marketing, customer relationship, contracts- and claims management in the international power, oil&gas, chemical and industrial market.

This experience ranges from acquiring repair contracts for repair of single turbine components and rotors, via supply of genuine and reverse engineered capital spare parts, multiple year specialist site services up to the supply of key components, as preferred supplier, of gear units and accessories to world leading OEM's of turbines, compressors and equipment for material handling and the process industry. 

Mark supported contracts from cold call to succesfull settlement of claims in the Benelux countries, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, the Middle East but also in the USA, India and China. The value was of such contracts was as little as some thousands of Euro’s upto multi-million value. The total contract’s processing time of those jobs varied from 2 weeks to well over 3 years including re-negotiating of the initial the contractual arrangements.

Key for success has proven to be: “bringing together a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, local culture, cooperation between regional representation, competitiveness and quality of the supplier. Whether performing a straight forward in-house workshop repair for a local party or supplying custom build packages, including site support for installation and commissioning, across the globe, these general principles prove as simple to define but also as difficult to achieve. “

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