tcs-ms represents GTW

26.7.13 tcs-ms and GTW GmbH from Alpen Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents WELTER zahnrad

15.7.13 tcs-ms and WELTER zahnrad GmbH from Lahr/Schwarzwald-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents CAVEX GmbH

15.7.13 tcs-ms and CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG from Ofterdingen-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.   

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Sale of surplus turbines

As part of its versified activities, a Dutch service company was trading in used rotating equipment. In order to support short lead times and create clear communication lines a larger number of mainly steam turbine-gen sets was taken on stock for considerable time.

Since increasing business to a significant higher volume was considered to be too time and cost consuming for this non-core activity, a sale or scrap program was started.

After consulting this specific market most current equipment was sold for re-use in Tanzania and Pakistan within the shortest possible time frame as were less demanded equipment was sold to scrap metal recycling specialists. Thus a major financial write-off could be considerably reduced.


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