tcs-ms represents GTW

26.7.13 tcs-ms and GTW GmbH from Alpen Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents WELTER zahnrad

15.7.13 tcs-ms and WELTER zahnrad GmbH from Lahr/Schwarzwald-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents CAVEX GmbH

15.7.13 tcs-ms and CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG from Ofterdingen-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.   

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tcs-ms offers specialist marketing, sales and sales support as well as contracts- and claims handling for international operating suppliers of engineered products and services. Those suppliers in need of temporary extra capacity or in those cases were the business volume in a market segment does not justify a full time employment, tcs-ms can provide flexible solutions in:

technical-commercial representation

contracts & claims management

tcs-ms focusses on projects, products and services involving industrial rotating equipment as turbines, compressors, gears, bearings, pumps and accessories for owners, operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers active in the oil&gas-, power-, petrochemical-, process-, material handling and marine industry in a wide area around its office location on the Dutch/German border. 

Also global coordination of sales initiatives for specialist applications and make propositon and the clients requirement meet, including international travelling, is part of our scope.

tcs-ms warmly invites you to contact us and enter into an open dialog how your business can benefit from a flexible cooperation with tcs-ms. tcs-ms feels confident that results will convince to continue the started initiatives ! 

Mark de Nijs                                                           

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