tcs-ms represents GTW

26.7.13 tcs-ms and GTW GmbH from Alpen Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents WELTER zahnrad

15.7.13 tcs-ms and WELTER zahnrad GmbH from Lahr/Schwarzwald-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.

tcs-ms represents CAVEX GmbH

15.7.13 tcs-ms and CAVEX GmbH & Co. KG from Ofterdingen-Germany sign representation agreement for the Benelux.   

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 and claims management

technical-commercial representation

Is your company in need of specialist marketing, sales and sales support to increase business with owners, operators, service providers and equipment manufacturers active the oil&gas-, power-, petrochemical-, process-, material handling and marine industry in a 500km radius around the office location of tcs-ms on the Dutch/German border comprising the Netherlands, north-western Germany as well as Belgium, Luxembourg and northern France:  tcs-ms can help.

Should coordination of the international sales approach in specialist application areas in the power, marine and oil&gas industry be required, tcs-ms can offer just a solution for your needs from its favorable location and excellent worldwide connections.

From its market overview and long year experience in working with products and services for industrial rotating equipment as turbines, compressors, gears, bearings, pumps and related accessories tcs-ms offers a rapid available capacity against reasonable costs as bundling the requirements from non-competing parties will increase effectiveness.


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